Episode 123 – Joseph Grady / James Welch

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Episode 123 – Joseph Grady / James Welch – Joseph Grady reflects on his early introduction to the concept of race and the bewildering hierarchies of racism. He pairs his thoughts with a poem of James Welch. http://ow.ly/2YT6kR

Episode 122 – Sara Scott / Melissa Kwasn

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Episode 122 – Sara Scott / Melissa Kwasny – Archeologist Sara Scott reflects on the sense of kinship evoked when viewing Montana’s ancient petroglyphs. She pairs her thoughts with a prose poem from Melissa Kwasny’s recent volume, Pictograph. http://ow.ly/2YBs0o

Honorable Mention: “Not In My House” by William Matross

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Not in my house,” mom slammed her hand down against the counter for added effect, rattling the stoneware. Her smoker’s-tenor peaked on the word, “my,” reminding me I was not the one that made decisions in the house. After all, I was fourteen and a freshman at Helena High School. “You are not bringing that Satanic bullshit into my house.” Her voice peaked again, this time emphasizing “bullshit” and “my.”

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Honorable Mention: “Wilderness and Civilization” by Sarah Capdeville

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To run with the croak of ravens,

to twist my fingertips into the edges of ponderosa bark

which is the sweetness of vanilla.

To feel my breath freeze to my face

as the city crams into cars

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Honorable Mention: “We Are That-” by Steven Abell

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Falling diligently into background
noise; jumping puddles, back and forth.
We can hardly ever be where we’re going.
Our days stun into beginning, and then slowly end.
We strain against light, dip our arms in ink, and
duplicate characters, as we govern an constituent
emptiness. Constituent. The way rajahs, the way
emperors palely dreamed.
Inclined into exodus,

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Honorary Mention: “Dad and Buzz” by Bob Taylor

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First two stanzas:

Did Dad learn drinking from his father,
or from Buzz?
Dad & Buzz drank until just before daylight,
snoozed, then shook it off when the foreman showed up.

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Honorable Mention: “Unfinished Story” by Bob Taylor

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First line: I broke through the ice under the Higgins Street Bridge during lunch break from Hellgate High School in 1983.

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