Episode 116 – Clare Menahan / Annie Dill

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Episode 116 – Clare Menahan / Annie Dillard – Clare Menahan reflects on the unexpected moment when encounters with wild creatures create vivid memories. She pairs her thoughts with a passage by Annie Dillard. http://ow.ly/2WtRIE

Prose and Poems THIS Tuesday

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Prose and PoemsCome to the second Prose and Poems of the year, this Tuesday, March 24th in the UC theater, 7:00.  Come and read your original work or listen to the work of others.

Episode 115 – Carson Grace Becker / Step

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Episode 115 – Carson Grace Becker / Stephen Dobyns – Carson Grace Becker reflects on ways the past still haunts the present. She pairs her thoughts with a poem by Stephen Dobyns. http://ow.ly/2WcGZf

Episode 114 – David Moore / Richard O. M

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Episode 114 – David Moore / Richard O. Moore – David Moore reflects on the daily courage it takes to face the unknown. He pairs it with a poem by his father, Richard O. Moore, the oldest surviving member of the San Francisco Renaissance of the 1940s. http://ow.ly/2VT7tX

Submissions Close

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Submissions for Volume 8 of The Oval are officially closed. Our desks are flooded with 258 submissions from UM undergraduates. Over the next few weeks, we will comb through 166 poems, 39 pieces of fiction, 32 works of visual art and 21 non-fiction narratives. We can’t wait to dig into the piles and find ourselves transported by art.

Episode 112 – Adrian Jawort / Sterling H

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Episode 112 – Adrian Jawort / Sterling Holywhitemountain – Adrian Jawort reflects on the need for young Native American writers to tell their own stories of growing up in the West. He pairs his thoughts with a passage from Sterling Holywhitemountain. http://ow.ly/2VaCCf