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“Sweet Dreams” by Madeline Broom

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Congratulations to Madeline Broom, whose photograph “Sweet Dreams” earned an honorable mention in the 11th issue of the Oval!

Madeline is a junior at the University of Montana. She is majoring in Journalism and Environmental Studies with a minor in Climate Change Studies. Madeline grew up in Minnesota where she fostered a love of the outdoors by spending her summers sailing on one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes and her winters skiing on its large hills.



“Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Megan Jessop

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Megan Jessop earns an honorable mention for her piece of visual arts, “Nothing Gold Can Stay.”

Megan is a Senior at the University of Montana, majoring in English and Creative Writing. She was born and raised in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of Montana. Megan enjoys experimenting with different mediums of art and creativity. She has a deep appreciation for finding aesthetic in the seemingly mundane moments of life. Her chosen medium for her submissions is a use of photography with slight edits and alterations using filters to add to the subjects.

Congrats, Megan!

“Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Megan Jessop

“Ballet” by Hannah Fay

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Hannah Fay is a native Austinite who braved the snow to come study microbiology at UM. The Oval staff awarded Hannah an honorable mention for her photo, “Ballet.” Congrats, Hannah.


“Ballet” by Hannah Fay


“foraoise” by Juliette Viera

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The first honorable mention from the Spring 2017 submission cycle goes to Juliette Viera and her watercolor painting, “foraoise.” She writes of her painting,

“A forest landscape after it has rained and nearer to dusk.  A conjunction of the artist’s perspective and choice of colors with the movement of the water on the paper.”

“foraoise” by Juliette Viera

“Warm Winter’s Day” by Silas Phillips

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Congratulations to Silas Phillips on his second honorable mention, “Warm Winter’s Day.” Silas is a sophomore at UM studying environmental sciences and dabbling in taking photos. Click here to view his first honorable mention, “Waiting for Rene.”

close up of an opening in a frozen river.
“Warm Winter’s Day” by Silas Phillip, Photograph

“Waiting for Rene” by Silas Phillips

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Silas earned two honorable mentions from the Oval this year. His first is titled, “Waiting for Rene.” The second, “Warm Winter’s Day,” will appear on the blog on August 3rd, 2016. Silas is a sophomore at UM studying environmental science and dabbling in taking photos.

City winterscape at night
“Waiting for Rene” by Silas Phillips, Photograph

“Working Old Hands” by Lucy Larson

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Lucy’s charcoal drawings left an impression on the Oval’s visual art board and earned her two honorable mentions. Click here to see her first drawing, “Shaded Man.” She writes:

I am a Junior double majoring in Creative Writing and German. I work as a Nursing Assistant at a nursing home, and in the summer I am a teachers assistant for children with learning disabilities. I have been writing passionately since I was in 5th grade. My favorite things to write are short stories and novels. My goal is to become a successful novelist. I have loved to do art since I was very small. My favorite art medium is charcoal.

Charcoal drawing of wrinkled hands and a flower.
“Working Old Hands” by Lucy Larson