Episode 123 – Joseph Grady / James Welch

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Episode 123 – Joseph Grady / James Welch – Joseph Grady reflects on his early introduction to the concept of race and the bewildering hierarchies of racism. He pairs his thoughts with a poem of James Welch.

Episode 122 – Sara Scott / Melissa Kwasn

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Episode 122 – Sara Scott / Melissa Kwasny – Archeologist Sara Scott reflects on the sense of kinship evoked when viewing Montana’s ancient petroglyphs. She pairs her thoughts with a prose poem from Melissa Kwasny’s recent volume, Pictograph.

Honorary Mention: “Dad and Buzz” by Bob Taylor

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First two stanzas:

Did Dad learn drinking from his father,
or from Buzz?
Dad & Buzz drank until just before daylight,
snoozed, then shook it off when the foreman showed up.

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Episode 120 – Karli Larsen / Paul Zarzys

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Episode 120 – Karli Larsen / Paul Zarzyski – Karli Larsen reflects on the mental toughness demanded of those who chose to live and travel across Montana. She pairs her thoughts with a poem by Paul Zarzyski.

Episode 119 – Naomi Kimbell / Willa Cath

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Episode 119 – Naomi Kimbell / Willa Cather – Naomi Kimbell reflects on the attachment we feel to the places where we grew up. he pairs her reflection with a passage from My Antonia by Willa Cather.

Episode 118 – Cassandra Falke / John Kea

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Episode 118 – Cassandra Falke / John Keats – Cassandra Falke reflects on listening for the organic poetry of the earth. She pairs her reflection with a poem by John Keats.

Oval Launch on Tuesday, April 14th

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Come and celebrate the publication of the 2015 Oval Magazine.  The magazine will be on sale for $5 (with your griz card) and select readers from the issue will be giving short readings.  The launch will take place at the Mansfield Library, ground floor, at noon.The Oval Launch 2015