Oval 10 Co-Editors

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We are incredibly excited to announce the co-editors for The Oval Volume 10: Stacial Hill & Hanna Ziegler. Both are experienced Ovalites & literati. Please join me in celebrating their promotion.

Bios and facial recognition as follows. . .

Stacia grew up in Missoula and is currently a senior studying wildlife biology. She was first introduced to creative writing when she was part of Big Sky High School’s literary arts magazines Aerie Big Sky and Aerie International. This spring will mark her third year being on the staff of The Oval at the University of Montana. Some of her favorite things include poodles, rabbits, and Montana rivers. She hopes to pursue creative writing more in the coming years.

Hanna is a Senior in the Creative Writing program with minors in Irish Studies, Linguistics, and Media Arts. She has published two short stories with The Oval and has served as the co-editor for The Oval’s Fiction Board and as a member of the design and layout team. She plans to attend graduate school for book publishing, become a book editor and one day work for Penguin Random House. This is her second year working with The Oval.



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