“Year’s Supply” by Miriam Krainacker

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The Oval’s next honorable mention in fiction goes to Miriam Krainacker for “Year’s Supply. She writes, “while I can’t technically say I have Montana roots, I did move to Helena when I was four, and Missoula when I was 18. Double-majoring in sociology and history, I spend a majority of my time drowning in reading, and the rest binge-watching the West Wing. My hopes for post-graduation? Keep up my binge-watching of the West Wing, find a job somewhere in DC that can pay my rent, and slowly take over the world.”

Her story begins:

Samuel Harrison had a yearlong supply of unlimited airplane tickets, curtesy of American Airlines, and all he had to do was almost die. And really, dying isn’t that hard to do. It’s the almost part that’s tricky, because death usually deals in absolutes. But the doctors had been able to patch him up completely, more or less, and the airlines forked over the yearlong travel gift card as an apology. Kind of a shitty apology, if you asked Samuel. He didn’t even like to travel, and wouldn’t have been on that plane if not for the inability of a coworker’s child to stay inside said coworker’s wife until the due date. He wasn’t even first pick to replace the man (and who would pick a junior level employee?) but second in line had declined on the basis that he hated flying.

To continue reading, please click Miriam_Krainacker-Years_Supply


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