2016 Oval Staff Edition

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Each year, after the Oval hits the bookstore shelves, the staff redirects focus to producing a staff edition. This electronic publication features each of our members and allows for the staff to take the semester’s instruction and practice to the next level to continue to hone their craft. Please enjoy.

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To read the 2016 Oval Staff Edition, please visit Scholarworks.


  • Silent Songs (cover art) by Megan Jessop
  • Let’s Leave by Lily Soper
  • Colossians by Chase Hulett
  • Flash Flood by Megan Jessop
  • Hector the Turkey by Emmie Bristow
  • Mutable Signs by Megan Jessop
  • Somehow We’re Still Doing This by Lily Soper
  • They Had Mountain Ranges Behind Them by Michelle Nemetchek
  • Eraser Lips by Emmie Bristow
  • Spilling Light by Megan Jessop
  • And Suddenly I Realize I Am Still Such a Child by Lily Soper
  • The Library by Emmie Bristow
  • Not of Blood by John Hooks
  • Change is Deadly by Erik Larson
  • Dear C by Vanessa Mattfeldt
  • Crown Royal by Mandy Schmitt
  • Am I Borderline? by Mike Delaney
  • Charlotte Amalie by Courtney Coburn
  • The 101 by Ellis Vaughn
  • An Animal With No Memory by Lauren Korn
  • Went Out. Back Soonish by Hanna Ziegler
  • The Washing Bin by DJ Reinhardt
  • At the Share House by Stacia Hill
  • Fierce Love by Kenneth B. Von Eschen
  • Snakehips by Paige Cohn
  • Imp and Fairy Get a Tree by Samuel Wood
  • The Trailer and the Bunker by Giacomo Ranieri
  • Lack of Love by Devon Lawler

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