“All for the Love of Rock and Roll” by Jason Bailey

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Jason is  a senior at the University of Montana, studying Creative Writing. His favorite band is KISS. His non-fiction piece, “All for the Love of Rock and Roll” begins with:

            I love the sound of a bass drum. A big boom, a thunderclap you can feel right in your gut. The squeak of the pedal as the mallet strikes the head. I’m partial to the shimmering sounds of cymbals (I used to call mine “sex” cymbals. Get it? Get It?!) I would work the pedal to the high-hat like a throttle, opening it ever so slightly to fit the groove, more gap for more funk. The ride cymbal was just what it sounded like; tap a beat like a locomotive running down the tracks. The crash cymbal did just that; the perfect exclamation point for a wicked fill, or to end a song on a bang. For those fills, the tom-toms brought rolling thunder to ooh and aah the crowd. Lastly, there was the snare drum. With coiled steel to shape the sound, the snare was the loyal soldier of this percussive battalion. Give me a pair of 2B drumsticks—maximum weight for maximum power—and it’s an amazing feeling, like driving a tank.

        What do you call a guy who hangs out with musicians? A drummer.

To read the rest of Jason’s story, please click this link “All_for_the_Love_of_Rock_and_Roll” by Jason Bailey 


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