2015 Oval Staff Edition

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To read the 2015 Oval Staff edition, please visit Scholarworks.

Contributors (in order of appearance)

  • Barbie Girl by Madison Hinrichs
  • Delores by Nicole Schulz
  • Out of Nowhere by Milly Allen
  • Patchwork by Stacia Hill
  • The Shock of the Real by Chrissy Webb
  • PTSD by Madison Hinrichs
  • Eilean Donan by Erika Tibbetts
  • Birdwatchers Club by Ellen Ipsen
  • Isla Negra by Brendan Jordan
  • Decline by Stacia Hill
  • (She’s So Heavy) by Lauren Korn
  • Honey Does Not Rot by Sara Bickley
  • The Last of It by Darian Dovgan
  • Into the Fog by Courtney Cathers
  • Scarlet Front Door by Nicole Schulz
  • Oomingmak by Jeremy Brooks
  • Arbroath by Erika Tibbetts
  • Twelve Years by Stacia Hill
  • Cedar Chest by Vanessa Mattfeldt
  • Riverfork Sonnet by Nicole Schulz
  • Fallen by Stacia Hill
  • How Strange, Innocence by Clare Menahan
  • an old cat by Stacia Hill
  • Abandoned Growth by Courtney Cathers
  • Guerneville, CA by Erika Tibbetts
  • Alluvium by Stacia Hill
  • Lost Highland House by Erika Tibbetts
  • Grandfather Is In by Emma Jacobsen
  • Escape to the Woods by Courtney Cathers
  • Freedom by Madison Hinrichs

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