Oval Alum: Amanda Marzolf

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imageSince graduating from the University of Montana, I completed my MA in Publishing at Kingston University in London, England. During my time there, I was exposed to people and publishing from all around the world. The programme focused on all facets of publishing – editorial, marketing, publicity, sales, rights and production. The lecturers were constantly pushing us to think about where publishing is headed, as so much is changing every day with new social outlets and online media. We also explored the new possibilities of self-publishing and how that impacts both authors and publishers. Additionally, my colleagues and I produced two publications – a first-time blog-inspired book (which we dubbed a ‘blook’) and the University’s creative writing anthology (where I had a story published!). I also got to attend the London Book Fair, free of charge because I was a student!

Throughout my time in London, I worked in the publishing industry, all within children’s. I did three work placement stints – Ladybird Books (an imprint of Penguin UK), Wayland Books (Hachette UK) and Scholastic UK. I also had an amazing six-month internship in the editorial department at Franklin Watts (Hachette UK). While there, I was able to see a book through from start to finish – I even got credited in two workbook series on the copyright page! Lastly, I worked for a few months as an Assistant Literary Agent at Bright Group International. The company largely represents children’s illustrators, but they are expanding their repertoire into literary as well. I had a fabulous time working with each of these teams, and wish I had had more time with everyone I worked with.

I lived abroad for a year and a half after completing my BA in English at the U of M. It changed me in more ways than I expected. I would greatly encourage anyone to complete his or her Master’s abroad. In England, you can earn a Master’s in one year! London is a great city for international students, as it offers an array of social and culture experiences. The city is filled with historical monuments that one only dreams of seeing, but is also littered with modern architecture, as well as young professionals making their way into the workforce. It’s beyond inspiring and each day is a new adventure. Studying abroad gives you many opportunities to make international connections, see the world and learn more about yourself along the way.



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