Oval Alum: Missy Lacock

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Upon graduating from The University of Montana, I entered graduate school at Portland State University for my Master’s degree in Book Publishing and I freakin’ love it! The learning curve is steep with practical knowledge and career direction, and the content and culture is a bookworm’s dream. I am also an intern at the publishing house Ooligan Press, the associate editor for The Portland Review, and contribute to both business blogs. I am also an editorial intern for brass Media. I learn new things every day and feel confident about actually making a living surrounded by things I love.

At The University of Montana, I had two pieces published in The Oval, the first of which was my very first published work. I consider it a turning point. From there I was a copy editor and columnist for The Montana Kaimin, and the combination of my Oval publications and my Kaimin portfolio opened the door for my future in Portland. I have such great respect for the Oval and what it contributes to the English department. For me, it will always be my beginning.Image


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