Spotlight on Oval Alum Jessica Johnston

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What happens after graduation? It may not be time to don that square cap just yet, but it’s never too early to start thinking about what to do with that degree. It’s a big wide world out there, and here at UM we’ve been noticing that Oval Alumni are doing interesting things all over the place. We’re going to be tracking down a few of them this year and finding out what life is like beyond the Bear. First up, UM Alum and former Design and Layout Editor for The Oval, Jessica Johnston. Here’s what she had to say:

Since graduating from University of Montana, I now attend grad school at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, pursuing my master’s and potentially Ph.D. in English: Media, Cinema, and Digital Studies. I managed to secure a position as a TA teaching two sections in English 101 (Intro to College Writing). It’s been an interesting experience, as on certain days I’m the student, and then on others I’m the instructor. All those days of reading and critiquing stories in creative writing have come in handy when I’m responding to 44+ papers that are turned into me three times a week. In addition to that, I recently became one of the new Art and Web Co-Editors for Cream City Review, the graduate literary journal at UWM. Right now, I’m working on designing ad exchanges to send to other literary journals and picking out the cover art for the next issue. Milwaukee’s been a great city to live in too, especially since I’m just a short walk away from Lake Michigan and the beach, as well as a short drive to the Milwaukee Art Museum. I’m still working on my writing when I can, which I’m able to keep doing in a screenwriting course I’m taking this semester. Milwaukee is a nice sized city, but sometimes I miss Missoula’s small, intimate environment. Hope everyone is well back at the Oval!



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