The Oval: Staff Edition 2013

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Painting of a sunset over a field.

(Click the cover to view the publication)

Contributors (in order of appearance):

  • Brenna Rietmann: Rea’s Rays – Visual Art, Cover
  • Colin Uriah-Johnson: Barrettes -Poetry
  • Kristine Quint: Red – Fiction
  • Eileen West: Margin of Error – Poetry
  • Theresa Mueller: Tipi – Visual Art
  • Claire Mickeson: Respiratory Therapies – Nonfiction
  • Beryl Clark: He – Poetry
  • Emily Stanton: Small Town Elegy – Poetry
  • Brenna Rietmann: Yonder Hills – Visual Art
  • Tyler Cross: Sky Club – Poetry
  • Adrian F. Wassel: Finding a Replacement – Fiction
  • Elizabeth Schmidt: Raspberries – Poetry
  • Milly Allen: lemongrass girl – Poetry
  • Brenna Rietmann: Sickle Sections – Visual Art
  • Casey Charles: Pretty Blond – Poetry
  • Laura Milan: St. Martins Point – Poetry
  • Ismael Pallares: Still in the Dark – Fiction
  • Theresa Mueller: Peacock – Visual Art
  • William Smythe: Act I, Scene 2: A Day in Bed – Poetry
  • Brendan Jordan: Carry my bones to the smallest nest – Drama

2 thoughts on “The Oval: Staff Edition 2013

    kristineskis said:
    May 6, 2013 at 8:30 AM

    Reblogged this on Winging It and commented:
    Every day brings me that much closer to leaving for London, and each day I am in equal parts more nervous and excited. Nervous, mostly just because I hate flying. Excited, for the obvious reasons.

    As I wrap up the spring semester of junior year (whoa) I have something really awesome to share! The Oval is the undergrad literary magazine here at The University of Montana, and we just came out with our sixth edition. The magazine isn’t available online, but…the staff one is! My story, a short fiction piece, is titled “Red.” Follow The Oval to learn more, see updates, and read the Honorable Mentions from this year’s magazine, which we publish online.

    Robert Stubblefield said:
    May 7, 2013 at 3:02 PM

    Great work last night at The Staff Issue launch and reading. I was proud of your work and your presentations.


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