Honorable Mention: “Fishbowl” by Josh Wagner

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By Josh Wagner

Josh writes:

Josh Wagner was born with a broken heart. Fresh out of the womb with Patent Ductus Arteriosus, he required open heart surgery to close off an artery that should have closed itself. The doctor who performed the surgery was Leonard Bailey, a scalpel wizard who eventually went on in 1984 to implant the first baboon heart into a human, the 12-day-old girl known as “Baby Fae”. In a startling coincidence, that same year Josh had his heart metaphorically broken for the first time by a girl in his 5th grade class. Her name was not Fae, as much as Josh’s literary sensibilities might wish it had been. The scar from his operation is still visible, a long jagged thing running all the way up his back from just behind the base of his ribs. Josh continues to insist that this is actually where a dragon once bit him. The scar from his first crush is a bit harder to find.

Wagner finally got a break in writing with the publication of his award-winning Graphic Novel, “Fiction Clemens”. His poetry and prose has been published internationally, and last year the Montana Actor’s Theater produced his first stage play, “Salep & Silk”. He currently attends the University of Montana, and hopes they’ll let him be a Creative Writing Major sometime soon.


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