Honorable Mention: “crash, blossom” by Michael Beall

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“crash, blossom” by Michael Beall

“The years look grim like the skies of London,
but the clouds will depart the closer we come.”

Michael writes: “I am a Junior Print and Photo Journalism major at the University of Montana. Creative writing and writing is still fairly new to me. Throughout primary school and high school I struggled with grammar, spelling and English class, and it wasn’t until my Junior year of high school, where I met Lorilee Evans Lynn, the creative writing teacher at Big Sky High School. She was the first person who told me I have a voice and that I should look into taking her creative writing class.

From that year on, I changed the entire direction of my studies. For years I thought I was going to follow my parents into medical school. But I chose to stay in Missoula and attend the University of Montana instead of Seattle University and Providence College, because UM had a prominent Journalism School. Now I write Arts and Culture for the Montana Kaimin, and am looking to take my experience into political journalism.

This is a poem I wrote on a whim. It came to me one day in class, talking about politics and thinking about society. It’s mainly stream of conscious, and I’ve barely changed it since I wrote it. It’s called “crash, blossom” because in order to learn and find wisdom, one needs to fail first. The classroom can only take you so far, before books and professors sound redundant.”


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