Episode 104 – Stephanie Land / Judy Blun

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Episode 104 – Stephanie Land / Judy Blunt – Stephanie Land reflects on surrendering fully to nature. She pairs her thoughts with an essay from Judy Blunt about the blizzard of 1964.

Episode 103 – Kaya Juda-Nelson / Tony Ab

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Episode 103 – Kaya Juda-Nelson / Tony Abeyta – Kaya Juda-Nelson reflects on finding her place in nature. She pairs her thoughts with a passage by the Navajo artist Tony Abeyta.

Oval Staff Issue: 2014

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Oval 2014
(Click on the cover to view 2014 Staff Issue)


Contributors (in order of appearance):

  • Kalen Walther, Woolgathering in Count-Basie-Pocket
  • Jenna Franklin, Untitled Visual Art
  • Zachary Shearer, Drowning Page
  • Jenna Franklin, Untitled Visual Art
  • Court Cathers, The Faye Will Come Out to Play
  • Court Cathers, Rising Sun
  • Lauren Korn, As it Turns Out
  • Grace Yon, Koi
  • Emily Johnson, On the Scale
  • Erika Tibbetts, Untitled Visual Art
  • Reed Roberts, A Stage of One’s Own
  • Robert Taylor, Ocean
  • Kat Gurley, A Brief Cigarette Break
  • Erika Tibbetts, Terezin
  • Court Cathers, The Boat House
  • Ismael Pallares, Catalyst
  • Brendan Jordan, Your Divorce
  • Grace Yon, Watch the Skies
  • Brendan Jordan, And there were cul-de-sacs…
  • Mason Harper, April Showers
  • Emily Johnson, Gabby & Michael
  • Kristine Quint, Paris
  • Robert Taylor, Ray Price
  • Emily Johnson, Untitled Visual Art
  • Maggie Mattinson, My Grandma’s Boyfriends
  • Robert Taylor, Big Sur
  • Court Cathers, Forsynthia Tunnels
  • Court Cathers, Underneath Lilly Pads
  • Robert Taylor, Real Women
  • Grace Yon, Night on the Clearing
  • Kalysta Fern, Untitled Fiction
  • Erika Tibbetts, Streets of Krakow (Cover)
  • Court Cathers, A Lovely Beauty
  • Lauren Korn, S
  • Erika Tibbetts, Portrait of a Time
  • Emily Johnson, Untitled Visual Art
  • Grace Yon, Untitled Poetry
  • William Matross, Give it Time


Episode 102 – Damon Falke / Damon Falke

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Episode 102 – Damon Falke / Damon Falke – Damon Falke reflects on nature’s daily invitation to us. He pairs his thoughts with a poem about his father and the art of close observation.