Episode 99 – Robert Lee / Hydaburg, Alas

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Episode 99 – Robert Lee / Hydaburg, Alaska student – Robert Lee reflects on his experiences teaching poetry in a fishing town in Alaska. He pairs his thoughts with a poem by an elementary student from Hydaburg.

The Oval, Volume VII is ready! Join us for the launch!

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We were truly impressed by the high quality submissions we received for this year’s edition of The Oval. The student editors and readers who make The Oval  possible have been hard at work putting it all together. And now comes the moment that makes it all worth it: LAUNCH TIME!

Please join us for the launch of Volume VII! Come hear a few of this year’s contributors read and discuss their work, and pick up your very own copy of The Oval, hot off the press.

Day: Tuesday, April 15th

Time: Noon to 1pm

Where: Mansfield Library.

oval cover
The cover of Volume VII. Artwork by Jocelyn Catterson, and new Oval logo by Brendan Jordan.

Aerie Big Sky & International, 7th Annual Dana Gallery Reading

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Aerie Big Sky & International, 7th Annual Dana Gallery Reading

April 17th – Dana Gallery Reading
5:30-6:00 Live jazz & international hors
6:00-6:45 Traditional and spoken word
poetry, music collaborations,
and selections from worldwide
6:45-7:15 More jazz and desserts
7:15-7:45 More poems and short prose
from International Advisory Board
7:45-8:00 Closing with jazz and desserts

Episode Episode 98 – Doug Midgett / Gwen

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Episode Episode 98 – Doug Midgett / Gwendolyn Haste – Doug Midgett reflects on the legacy of agricultural ghost towns, by-products of the booms and busts of the homesteading era. He pairs his thoughts with a poem by Gwendolyn Haste.

Episode 97 – Bud Cheff / Olivia Stiffler

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Episode 97 – Bud Cheff / Olivia Stiffler – Bud Cheff reflects on the enduring ties between two families, one white, one Indian, on the Flathead reservation. He pairs his thoughts with a poem by Olivia Stiffler